You are working hard

to succeed in your career, to be fully present to your family, to stay aware and engaged with your community and the larger world. And some days you wonder what it means and where it’s all going.

I work with people in the midst of life transitions and those who are stressed about the complex demands of everyday life. I ask questions to help you identify the beliefs that shape your life and challenge you to reframe the ones that stand between you and your idea of a satisfying and rewarding life.

I listen deeply, offer clear observations, and provide new perspectives. My hope is that you will feel less alone and gain confidence and clarity as you seek to live a fully authentic life.

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Mariangela Maguire

I truly believe you can alter the way you see your life and the way you live your everyday life. By examining and changing the way you talk to yourself about yourself and about others you can transform your life. I believe this in my bones and I’ve seen countless people succeed.

I earned a Ph.D. in communication studies and I taught courses in interpersonal communication for over 20 years. I was 18 when I found a home in communication studies. The courses I took gave me a vocabulary for making sense of my feelings and experiences. With words and concepts to help me understand the world around me, I felt less alone. Studying communication changed how I saw my life and gave me tools to help others. Recently, I became a Martha Beck certified life coach in order to more fully meet my clients’ needs.


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Let’s find a time to talk

I provide one-on-one coaching, focusing on tools that build confidence, affirm reasoning, and broaden perspective. Our shared purpose is for you to observe your own life, identify your feelings, recognize your strengths, and bring about the change you want to see in your life.

Please email me at and we’ll set up a free 30 minute call.

When choosing to work with me here are two strategies to consider:

Five sessions over a five week period or ten sessions over a ten-month period. All sessions are 60 minutes each.

Five sessions in five weeks allows for an immersive experience where you’ll put tools to use immediately in your everyday life. This approach also includes weekly email contact and the cost is $625.

Ten sessions over ten months means 4-6 sessions within the first 4-6 weeks followed by 4-6 sessions over the next 4-6 months.  Think of it as getting a quick, intense start and then having several months to continue talking and checking in as you put beliefs into action. This approach also includes weekly email contact and the cost is $1000.

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What my clients say

Mariangela is an excellent listener, but not simply to affirm my perspectives, but to challenge me in my thinking and doing. Her careful questioning and comments helped me to move through whatever issue I was working on in a way that was both affirming and challenging. Cindy, 50, higher education leader


I was lost in my thoughts and emotions about my issue and I couldn’t find any clarity. I needed to find someone trustworthy who could help me sort through what was going on. Working with a coach felt like a commitment to my well being within a focused time period. Mariangela has an amazing capacity to listen deeply to what I’m saying and ask great questions that provide that moment of new awareness or new perspective. She helped me see my issue in a different way and got me out of the squirrel cage of my mind. Linda, 60 international education leader


Having someone to listen and normalize experiences and feelings a little bit for/with me was really helpful when I was feeling very uncertain about finding a new job and tending to catastrophize outcomes in my mind, which was sending me into panic mode. Mariangela helped me gain some perspective about myself and my personality and abilities – how I tend to see myself/judge myself more harshly than most people probably do – that others, at least sometimes, probably see me as fairly competent, valuable, even calm and friendly. Vanessa, 34 legal assistant


I love working with Mariangela. I feel a level of comfort with her that I don’t feel with many people. Great energy. I love the breathing exercise that begins each session. It really connects me to my body. It has a calming effect. I like the focus on the present and the future. It creates a space for me to focus on what’s happening now and how I am operating in the world while at the same time I looking towards where I want to be. I am more aware of the fact that I have a choice to make about how I’m going to go about doing something. I find myself giving myself permission to do something…or do nothing. I’m just calmer and I’m really taking some time to slow down and think about things. Susan, 50, artist/teacher